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Ngardok Lake reserve


"Provide protection and preservation of the Ngardok Watershed Area."


The Ngardok Nature Reserve houses Palau’s largest and most biologically diverse freshwater lake. Ngardok’s terrestrial habitats include native lowland forest, secondary forest, savanna, swamp forest, marsh, and riparian forests. The Reserve has unique vegetation, such as the native carnivorous flowering plant Urticularia and a high diversity for orchids (Costion, 2008). The lake is home to the rare Common Moorhen. Lake Ngardok is Palau’s only official recognized Wetland of International Importance (Ramsar Site). The Reserve fully supports visitors and serves as a scientific laboratory, with ongoing restoration activities that can yield lessons applicable to the rest of Babeldaob.

The Ngardok Nature Reserve Management Plan in Melekeok calls for:

(1) The development of a detailed monitoring plan.
(2) A better understanding of the plants, animals, soil and water, and how these interact.
(3) Scientific research on its vegetation, endangered animal species, and water quality. 

Research objectives are:

(1) To monitor trends.
(2) To assess the status of ecosystem targets.
(3) Encourage research in the Reserve.

The Plan states that park rangers will test monitoring techniques and conduct ongoing monitoring in partnership with other agencies in Palau and the United States.

Melekeok Ngardok Nature Reserve Plan includes a goal to maintain the ecological integrity of these habitats. The Reserve faces significant threats from human disturbances (both permitted and overuse), poaching, fire, unsustainable water usage, erosion, invasive species, and climate change. Management activities are designed to minimize or reverse threats.

One of the plan objectives is that Agricultural pest infestations, including weeds, insects, and diseases are managed to reduce adverse effects on plant growth, crop production, and environmental resources.  An action is to monitor for introduction or spread of invasive species with the nursery supervisor as the responsible personnel.

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